Community Development

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Community activities

These activities aim to foster community empowerment, participation and the promotion of diversity in society.

Routes between Neighbors

The Routes between Neighbors are a meeting space in which the main element is the gender and empowerment from the use of the public space.

Who can participate?

Men and women of different countries, ages and vital projections:
mothers or fathers, daughters, grandmothers, young people, adults, migrants, natives, neighbors of the same city who will be protagonists of this activity contributing their voice, sharing experiences and reflecting on what they want it to be the city in which they are living.

Other activities

Periodically we organize other community activities. Follow us through our social networks in order to know our programming and next events.

Here you have the last ones:

  • Celebration of San Isidro 2016
  • Vertical garden 2017
  • Film Encounters
  • DesGenerando Barrio (organized by the Gender Space of Carabanchel and Latina)

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