Improving the Inclusion of Migrants and Refugees through Education

A new curriculum has been launched for adult educators to support the inclusion of migrants and refugees in communities across Europe.

The three-year Erasmus+ project, Migrants and Refugees as Re-Builders (KA2 Cross-borders Intercultural and Societal Entrepreneurs), is being carried out by a partnership of organisations from the UK, Turkey, Sweden and Spain who are developing innovative training responses to support migrants and refugees from the Horn of Africa, the Middle East, the Maghreb and Latin America.

The curriculum aims to enhance the teaching experience of adult educators working and dealing with migrants and refugees on a daily basis. Some of the modules also support the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. The curriculum is largely based on the learning and teaching power of daily life experiences, relationships and interactions between migrants and refugees and members of their adoptive communities.

Catalina Quiroz Niño, Joint Co-ordinator for the project, said: “Our curriculum involves a ripple effect of the power of the adult educators’ teaching going beyond borders and reaching the migrants and refugees’ countries and/or communities of origin. The value of the curriculum will be assessed through its impact within the new adoptive communities as well as its transformational power within their countries of origin.”

The curriculum is the first outcome of the project and is being launched in Ankara, Turkey later this month. The second outcome is to develop a set of tools for assessing adult educators’ competence in delivering the material. This will be launched in Madrid, Spain. The third and final part of the project is to create an evaluation tool to assess the effectiveness of the training on the inclusion of migrants and refugees, which will be launched in Stockholm, Sweden.

All material created by the project will be available in seven languages: English, Swedish, Spanish, Turkish, Arabic, Somali and Tigrinya and available on the Initiatives of Change (www.uk.iofc.org) and Erasmus+ websites. The twitter page is: @M_R_Rebuilders. An overview video of the project is available online.

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