Carabanchel and Latina Districts Employment Networking

Imagen de la entidad social de Mesa de Empleo de Carabanchel y Latina

Network of social entities working since 2003 in order to support the most disadvantaged population to solve problems related to lack of employment.



Housing Network of Carabanchel and Latina Districts

Imagen de la comisión de la Mesa de Vivienda de Carabanchel y Latina

Network of public and private entities to improve the response given by the entities that make up the problems arising from the lack or shortage of housing.


Gender Area of Carabanchel and Latina Districts

Image of Espacio de Género de Carabanchel y Latina

Meeting point of ideas, reflection and exchanges which contributes to incorporate the knowledge and the gender perspective.

EAPN Madrid

Imagen de la asociación EAPN

Association of 51 organizations working face to social exclusion and poverty within the Government of Madrid. The network is a space for reflection, debate, advocacy, isseminaton, sensitization and training in topics related to the field of social inclusion.


Network of Social Exclusion and Human Rights of the Local Forum at Latina District

Imagen de los foros locales del distrito madrileño de Latina

Neighborhood, associative and institutional network from which to work on the main needs detected in Latina district about the problems of social exclusion and the respect and guarantee of Human Rights at the local level.

Network of Responsible Companies with HIV and AIDS in Spain

Imagen de Paloma en Red de Empresas Responsables con el VIH y el SIDA en España

Network of entities that collaborate in the eradication of the discrimination that exists in the working environment toward people with HIV.


Informal Network of Third Sector Inmigration Specialists

Image of Informal Network of Third Sector Inmigration Specialists

Group of professionals, mostly lawyers but also social workers, educators who analyze and review aspects related to the practical application of the Inmigration laws. These professionals put in common the casuistry with they are working in order to seek common solutions.

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