Progestion initiates a project in Valladolid aimed at the empowerment of women migrants

The Progestión Association initiates a new project in the city of Valladolid aimed at the empowerment of migrant women and the promotion of their active participation in all aspects of the social life of this group (“Valladolid Convive”).
The project, which will be developed in collaboration with the City Council of Valladolid, is focused on promoting the participation of women in social life and working in a practical way the exercise of active citizenship by these women, especially migrants, with the objective of favoring intercultural coexistence in the municipality.
The idea of the Valladolid Convive project is to promote the generation of healthy ties and the strengthening of support networks between migrant and indigenous women, guarantee the exercise of citizenship through joint participation with municipal public services, social entities and the population of Valladolid in general and In addition, favoring equal opportunities between women and men, making visible the role of women in the city through history, culture and their own experiences.
Our colleagues will be implementing, amongst other methodologies,  training modules developed within the framework of our European ErasmusPlus project: Migrants and Refugees as Rebuilders that will allow us to deepen on our investigations in order to develop our intellectual outputs. 

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