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The Service of Orientation and Information for Foreign Persons (SOIE)

What is it?

The service provides assistance to non-EU migrants who come to Progestión for the first time and who need assistance in terms of Employment, Resources and Social benefits, Administrative Law and Law on Foreigners, Rights and Duties, and Psychosocial Care.

SOIE is the Single Portal to the Association’s services. A service that pays attention to more than 400 people per year.

How does it work?

After a first interview to evaluate his or her needs, each person is referred to the appropriate service in order to detect the other needs which must also be taken care. This is the way to favor the process of social, personal and labor inclusion.

Working Hours: every Tuesday from 9 am to 1 pm.

Where: Calle Manuel Fernández Caballero, 4. Madrid

Focused on: non-EU migrants with residence card or work permit or in obtaining process and Spaniards who want to document or bring non-EU relatives.

What happens if the requirements for this service are not met?

From the Single Portal we attend to all the people who arrive, we listen to your case and we refer them to another public or private entity that can help them.

Free and open access.
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